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Data in construction is currently misplaced, discarded and forgotten; generic, non-productive processes don’t harness and utilise the huge potential gain of data driven outputs. innDex is an enabler in the construction industry, bringing solutions to improve communication, efficiency and productivity

  • A platform for users to create online profiles to store details, documents and competencies for quick and efficient induction submissions.
  • Automatic verification of competencies / skills cards and personal ID.
  • Biometric access control and time management.
  • Real time resource tracking to aid in as-built programme.
  • Reports on KPIs, semi-automated daily diaries and options for further statistics.
  • Data driven and verified working history helping fight the battle of non-fluid workforces and industry wide transparency.



Ilford Station

Ilford station is being rebuilt as part of the Crossrail programme, including a new station entrance, improved ticket hall and new lifts.

Improvements will include:

  • A new spacious, modern and bright station building on Cranbrook Road.
  • A larger ticket hall with simplified ticket facilities and larger gate-line.
  • New lifts for platforms 1, 2/3, and 4.
  • Platform extensions to accommodate the new 200 metre long Elizabeth line trains.

The challenge

Help the principal contractor achieve their paperLESS goals.

Our solution

Paperless induction solution, reducing current induction paperwork by 95%.

Romford Station

Romford station will benefit from significant upgrades including improvements to the station façade, improved ticket hall and new lifts.

Improvements that will be delivered as part of the Crossrail programme include:

  • A substantially improved ticket hall with revised entrances.
  • New lifts for step-free access to platforms.
  • Platform extensions to accommodate the new 200 metre long Crossrail trains.
  • New station signage, help points, customer information screens and CCTV.

The challenge

Safe and secure storage of personal information.
Improve poor time management processes.

Our solution

Automatic verification and flagging of expired competencies.
Integrated biometrics to automate time management processes –
leading to real-time resource allocation and output tracking.

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